May 8th, 2005



Therapy? "High Anxiety"
Ulis "Lusterka"
The Cure "The Cure"
Therapy? "Never Apologize Never Explain"
Air "Talkie Walkie"
David Byrne "Grown Backwards"
Morissey "You Are The Quarry"
Patti Smith "Trampin'"
Stranglers "Norfolk Coast"
David Bowie "Reality"
Duran Duran "Astronaut"
Bez Bileta "Narisovana"
Tom Waits "Real Gone"
The Music 'Welcome To The North"
REM "Around The Sun"
Tori Amos "The Beekeeper"
Kent "Du & Jag Doden"
Porcupine Tree "Deadwing"

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    The Cure - The Hanging Garden